Wellcome To Limonoo

We have a team of technology experts dedicated to providing our customers with the best products in each of our categories, as well as the newest innovations within the technology world. Basing our research on variety of sources, such as major credible technology magazines and review sites, as well as our own extensive in-house knowledge and experience, we strive to offer only the best products at the best prices. One more thing, all our products are covered by 12 months local warranty support!

Limonoo aims to provide its customers with our associated with successful bargain hunting. We are committed to sell our products at the lowest prices and provide superior delivery times. Due to the online nature of our business, we do not have to bear ‘physical costs’ associated with running actual stores and can instead pass the savings to our customers. We are also committed to provide fast shipping times.

Born (in 2011) and bred in Miami. We believe in the growing American online shopping industry! As a 100% American-owned and operated business, we only aim to deal with domestic customers and shipping channels. By doing so we are supporting American economy via: Increasing competitiveness of Our businesses vs. International businesses Investing into growth and future of Our online retail sector